Why The Kitchen?

As we grow and continue to launch new products, a pattern has emerged for the room we seem to gravitate towards the most. Enter the kitchen. 

The kitchen and young children might not immediately go together in your mind (hello, sharp cabinet corners and everything about the stove). We decided to start with the kitchen as our company's focus because instead of creating an off-limits zone, we wanted to invite your little one (and you) into the space by designing products that help them engage safely.

Our founder, Lauren, has two young boys and wanted to create thoughtful products that would help them fine-tune their motor skills, allow them to learn about food by being hands-on and a create a sense of independence in such an important room of the house. audwell was founded with the mission to remove the chaos of clutter by designing quality children's products that look as good as they function and allow you to focus on what's most important—connecting with your little ones. 

We know that life can often feel chaotic, rushing from activity to activity and our goal is to not only ignite a passion for the kitchen in your little one but to bring everyone together and provide a moment to slow down (anyone knows that when you’re baking with a toddler speed and efficiency are nonexistent). 

Our first product, the Oslo Tower, encourages your child to get involved and become an active participant in the world around them. By giving them just the right boost they need, your little ones can help with dinner (which tends to make them want to eat their dinner!) and provides them with the independence to wash their hands by themselves. 

It was only natural that we created a Chef Apron next so your little sous chef could experiment without the fear of messy clothes ruining all the fun. We also created an apron for adults to encourage the lovely ritual of cooking together (and who doesn't love a matching moment?). 

Our most recent product, The Goldie Chair, stems from a similar need of wanting your child to feel like they have a special place just for them around the kitchen. The Goldie Chair curves to fit your child's smaller stature and provides them with just the right size footrest for when their feet don’t quite touch the ground. 

 We have plans in the works for new products that will exist outside of the kitchen but the kitchen will always remain a central focus for us. It's where we naturally tend to gather, make messes and just enjoy each other's company. 

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