Meet audwell. We remove the chaos of clutter by designing quality children's products that look as good as they function and allow you to focus on what's most important—connecting with your little ones. 


a note from our founder

I created audwell out of a personal need. I had recently renovated my home and quickly became aware of the lack of design-forward kids furniture on the market. I felt a tension between curating a beautiful, peaceful space and encouraging my sons’ development with products that typically involve throwaway plastics, bright colors and an overall sense of discord. So I decided to do something about it and audwell was born!

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Your children’s safety was top of mind when we designed our Oslo Tower and Goldie Chair so we tested above and beyond standard requirements and improved upon each interaction to make sure it was built to last.

mindful design

We know your children’s priorities aren’t the same as yours. They don’t care that our products are meticulously designed to be functional and beautiful and that they're made with non-toxic materials. They care that they allows them to explore and have fun. Luckily for you (and them) both are true!

Giving Back

Sustainability is in our roots. Not only do we use natural and sustainably sourced materials, but we plant a tree for every Oslo Tower and Goldie Chair purchased. We believe it’s our responsibility to leave the world a better place for our children.

Product Reviews

Rachel J.

“The Oslo tower is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my kids. I love how it helps them be more independent and to have safe and easy access to helping me in the kitchen. The eco-friendly and sleek design helped me choose the Oslo Tower easily over other learning towers I had seen.”

Joanna W.

"Besides the fact that this tower is a beautiful addition to our home, the endless struggle over washing hands is a thing of the past."

Hannah A.

“The Oslo tower has been a great addition to our home. The thoughtful design has made it easier for our toddler to get involved in the kitchen, making meal prep more engaging and snack time more interesting! I appreciate the simplicity and the way it fits under the counter. Highly recommend this product to any family!”


Why A Learning Tower?

Curious to know why we decided to make our first product a learning tower? Spoiler: we're big fans.

Just try it. you'll like it.

How many times have you said that phrase to your little ones at dinner time?

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