Our Story

Our Story

audwell; /ōh - dwell/ ; noun; Design to bring harmony to your home and family

As a mother of two, I was constantly on a quest to find children's products that fit seamlessly into my home, but found myself coming up empty handed. So, I decided to make them myself! I founded audwell to bridge the gap between form and function in the children’s furniture category with sustainable, quality pieces that last from one child to the next. I understand what it feels like to thoughtfully design your home only to lose that curated balance when you have children (hello loud plastic toys everywhere). It’s our belief that adding beautifully made children’s products to your home can actually help you be less stressed and be more present with your children. 



Our first product is named the Oslo Tower because that city has a special place in my heart - we moved there when my oldest son was 8 weeks old and I came into my own as a mother during that time. Many early motherhood days were spent on long walks, admiring the Scandinavian architecture and design which has had a lasting impact on my design aesthetic. 



We worked hand in hand with a talented furniture designer who, as a dad of three, really understood our vision and refined sketch after sketch with us. Next, we enlisted one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the US, famous for their woodworking. They built sample after sample to create our finished product made from high-quality Baltic Birch and nontoxic finishes. Both our designer and manufacturer supported our belief that no issue was too small (see: the amount of times we went back and forth to get the perfect color bolts). We firmly believe that our attention to every little detail is what sets us apart. 


Following the Oslo Tower, we launched the Goldie Chair. This product is playful and a fun spin on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This chair was created to be just right for any child. With my boys getting older and leaving behind their high chairs, this was a natural step for our brand.  

This is just the beginning for audwell and we cannot wait to unveil our future products and designs, all carefully created to enhance your home and bring a smile to your face when your little one loves it oh-so-much.