Just Try It You'll Like It.

We aren’t experts but we are parents so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get your kids to eat veggies. Here are some tried and true methods in our house. 

  1. One of the many reasons why we created the Oslo Tower? Our boys really do eat more veggies when they are standing in their towers. Really- we promise we aren’t just trying to sell you the tower, it’s a method that has worked! It becomes a special occasion when the boys pull themselves up to the counter and are served a “fancy” meal, (fancy comes from the simple fact that they are standing). The novelty and excitement of eating somewhere new is enough to make them eat veggies without (much) complaint. 
  2. Another trick? Grab cookie cutters in fun shapes to cut up food like apples, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and beets into dinosaurs, letters and hearts. We promise they’ll think it tastes better if it looks more fun.
  3. Have a make your own pizza night with your mini sous-chefs and lay out veggie toppings in small bowls. Allow your little ones to sprinkle the veggies on their pizza. They will feel excited to be crafting their own meal and you’ll be happy to see them eating more than just the bread and cheese. 
  4. If your children are old enough, give them child-safe knives to use to cut their own veggies. (Pro parenting tip- we suggest you help get the cut started and they can finish). We found that when the boys were more invested in preparing their food, they enjoyed eating it later!

xo Lauren + the audwell team

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