Tips to be Helpful: New Ways to Use Your Summit Step Stool

You probably bought the The Summit Step Stool or The Oslo Tower with a specific use in mind. We’ve compiled a list of new ways you can utilize either of these tools to create an accessible and fun environment for your little one:

1. In the mudroom for reaching hooks and baskets; giving things a place and children an expectation of where those items belong.

2. In the pantry to reach bins of “yes snacks,” or gather supplies independently for your next cooking adventure.

3. Near the bookshelf, with cover pages facing out, so your child can make their own selection.

4. In the laundry room for placing last night’s PJs into the washing machine.

5. In their closet, so your little one can choose their outfit and you can use this as a teaching moment about weather and expected activities.

6. On the deck with raised garden beds or potted plants, assisting little ones with watering and pruning your herbs and veggies

The possibilities are endless and do not need to be prescribed to the bathroom sink. Think of all the places your little one asks for help, and how you can help them do it with less support from mom or dad!

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