An Ode To Your Dwelling: Abigail Green

It’s no surprise that we have a love for interior design. The foundation of audwell comes from our belief in the importance of thoughtful design and how it impacts the space we live in every day. In fact, we love good design so much that we wanted to peek inside the homes of other parents that we admire and ask them a few questions. As parents, we are all trying to balance the vision we have for our home and the reality that children bring (hello, mess). We figured there was no better way to receive design inspiration, DIY advice, and favorite finds than by interviewing other design experts. 

We sat down with Colorado native Abigail Green (@abigailmarygreen) to chat about her home and life as a mom of two!

In one word, describe your home’s decor before you had kids: Neutral + Coastal

In one word, describe your home’s decor AFTER you had kids: Honestly my decor style hasn’t changed much since having kids however the added (lovely) noise of children has made me desire a more calm space, so that has led me to more minimal, clean design. 

Do you have a dream investment piece that you’re holding off on buying until your kids are older (and let’s be honest, less likely to ruin): A hand loomed rug! We have gone through sooo many rugs, to the point of going rug-less in our living room because the stains were just inevitable. I can’t wait to have nice rugs again 😅

Is there one item in your house that you know you’ll replace once your kids are older and less messy? I have a thing for white couches which means as a mom I have a thing for washing a million couch cushions every couple weeks so…probably a new version of our couch because it’ll be oh-so-loved by the time they’re older. 

Best tip for kid proofing your house (while still making it feel like you live there too): I want our home to feel cozy, lived in but not stiff, so I try to have a home for everything. It helps when the kid things blend in as decor too - hence why I love our Audwell pieces! When it comes to baby/toddler proofing, we use these amazing magnetic locks on the inside of cabinets so you can’t see them!

Favorite DIY project in your home: Our beloved kitchen - where we spend most of our time. We re-did just about everything in here. Feels so special to be able to cook + share so many meals in a room that so much work was put into to make it “ours”. 

Favorite spot in your home: Currently, my office! We just transformed it into a modern cottage core workspace & it practically begs you to sit down & stay awhile.  

Favorite sustainable find: 100+ year old reclaimed wood above our kitchen window + as our fireplace mantle 

Favorite inexpensive item in your home: Thrifted artwork in our kitchen

Random item in your home that your children are obsessed with: “Lips” - what Foster calls lip balm & lip gloss. I have a bit of a lip product obsession that has made its way into Foster, so she’s always stealing my lip balm all through out the day & offering a swipe of gloss to anyone else in the room. 

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