Why A Learning Tower?

Why all the hype about a learning tower?

Yes, the Oslo Tower is our first product and yes, we want you to love it. But we wanted to share a little more with you about why learning towers are so special. 

Learning towers help children feel more empowered. By giving them the little boost they need, they can reach things without extra help, creating more autonomy. When your little one is next to you, whisking batter or even just watching you prep food, they feel more involved and active in the world around them. 

The tower helps further develop children’s motor skills. Climbing up requires balance and coordination. Once they’re up, they use their hands to do things that being on the ground just doesn’t allow for, like a different angle for holding a paint brush and creating a masterpiece. 

How many times have your children just wanted to join in and “help?” Think of how much your little ones love it when they can actively assist you with dinner prep. As you’re trying to move around the kitchen (usually the most stressful time of day), your children will be happy to play a part in the meal. Give them fruit to wash at the sink or ask them to fill up their water cup. They will feel like an invaluable sous-chef!

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