How to Stay Organized with Kids

By now most of us have read about Marie Kondo’s retreat(ish) from her tidy ways - and while parents everywhere can sympathize (and breathe a sigh of relief), we asked our friends at mi home, etc. if it's even possible to stay organized with kids. 

Here are 5 of their go-to tips…


  1. Start small! Start with one area (a closet, cupboard, or even a drawer.) 
  2. Edit, edit, edit! Take everything out of the space you’re organizing, paying attention to removing items you’ve outgrown or no longer use. 
  3. KIDS CAN HELP. Even toddlers can learn the simple act of putting things back where they got them. 
  4. With that said - keep systems simple. While we can spend hours drooling over grid-worthy homes, recognize that the simpler the system, the easier it will be to maintain. We love using cubes or baskets to store kids' toys. Kids can easily access them, and pick up is quick!
  5. Keep your goals small, but maintain a daily practice. Take a couple minutes each day to put things away. 

Have patience with yourself in this. Organizing is all about developing a practice and creating systems that work for your unique home. 

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