An Ode To Your Dwelling: Hannah Jansma

It’s no surprise that we have a love for interior design. The foundation of audwell comes from our belief in the importance of thoughtful design and how it impacts the space we live in every day. In fact, we love good design so much that we wanted to peek inside the homes of other parents that we admire and ask them a few questions. As parents, we are all trying to balance the vision we have for our home and the reality that children bring (hello, mess). We figured there was no better way to receive design inspiration, DIY advice, and favorite finds than by interviewing other design experts. 

We sat down with fellow Holland native, Hannah Jansma (aka @hannahtyler_home) to chat about the house she's building with her husband, Tyler and all the little touches that go into making a house a home. 

In one word, describe your home’s decor before you had kids: Minimal

In one word, describe your home’s decor AFTER you had kids: Lived in (I suppose that's two words!) 

Do you have a dream investment piece that you’re holding off on buying until your kids are older (and let’s be honest, less likely to ruin): Ironically, I just took the plunge and ordered real marble counters for our new kitchen! Some say we're crazy to do that now (as we just welcomed a kiddo into our lives). Will we regret it? We'll see! 

Is there one item in your house that you know you’ll replace once your kids are older and less messy? Our living room rug. Would love to invest in a large, vintage piece.

Best tip for kid proofing your house (while still making it feel like you live there too): We're moving in a few months and are designing the new home to have a slipcover sofa, oil finish hardwood floors, washable rugs, cute baskets for all of the neon clutter, and tile on bathroom walls (especially helpful if raising boys ;)

Favorite DIY project in your home: Floating kitchen shelf.

DIY kitchen shelf

Favorite spot in your home: Bunk room overlooking the lake.

Bunk room in the lake house

Favorite sustainable find: Just scored a vintage pine dining table to refinish! 

Favorite inexpensive item in your home: Our collection of thrifted coffee table books around the house.

Random item in your home that your children are obsessed with: Leather sofa (loves to scratch), wipe dispenser, and mom's hair! 

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