An Ode to Your Dwelling: Savannah Jayde

It’s no surprise that we have a love for interior design. The foundation of audwell comes from our belief in the importance of thoughtful design and how it impacts the space we live in every day. In fact, we love good design so much that we wanted to peek inside the homes of other parents that we admire and ask them a few questions. As parents, we are all trying to balance the vision we have for our home and the reality that children bring (hello, mess). We figured there was no better way to receive design inspiration, DIY advice, and favorite finds than by interviewing other design experts. 

We chatted with Savannah Jayde (aka @ssavannahjaydee) whose home is inviting and full of warmth. Savannah is mom to Miles (2) and we are always inspired by the sweet DIY projects that they do together. Below we asked Savannah a few questions about her home after motherhood. 

  • In one word, describe your home’s decor before you had kids: Curated 
  • In one word, describe your home’s decor AFTER you had kids: Relaxed (alternate word: WASHABLE)
  • Do you have a dream investment piece that you’re holding off on buying until your kids are older (and let’s be honest, less likely to ruin): Probably a beautiful vintage chair or many vintage rugs. 
  • Is there one item in your house that you know you’ll replace once your kids are older and less messy?: A couch or dining table - our current couch is covered in a drop cloth and we have a vintage/second-hand dining table that takes a lot of wear and tear. 
Beige and white living room and dining room space
  • Best tip for kid-proofing your house (while still making it feel like you live there too): I can’t recommend a drop cloth couch cover enough! It is washable, durable and still gives a really beautiful neutral foundation for a living room. Also baskets. So so so many baskets. 
  • Favorite DIY project in your home: Our whole house has felt like a big DIY project, but my favorite was actually a creative solution to make use of dead space after we extended our countertops. My husband built a small shelf that we in-laid under the waterfall countertop and it’s a special little vignette moment I love. 
  • Favorite spot in your home: In front of our big window in the living room. Miles loves to watch all the animals that climb around the big pecan tree in the front of our house and I love all the natural light that streams in. 
  • Favorite sustainable find: Sourcing local maple for our built-in shelves and custom pantry door. 
  • Favorite inexpensive item in your home: Drop cloth! I should be their spokesperson; I’d cover everything in a drop cloth if I could. 
  • Random item in your home that your children are obsessed with: Our Vitruvi essential oil diffuser + oils. Miles pretends to drop oils in and just sits in front to watch the vapor. 
Entry way table with diffuser and plants

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