An Ode To Your Dwelling: Gillian Stevens

It’s no surprise that we have a love for interior design. The foundation of audwell comes from our belief in the importance of thoughtful design and how it impacts the space we live in every day. In fact, we love good design so much that we wanted to peek inside the homes of other parents that we admire and ask them a few questions. As parents, we are all trying to balance the vision we have for our home and the reality that children bring (hello, mess). We figured there was no better way to receive design inspiration, DIY advice, and favorite finds than by interviewing other design experts. 

We chatted with Gillian Stevens (aka @gillianstevens) about her minimal design aesthetic, her hidden talent for building kids kitchens and how she can't wait to wear her dry clean only clothes again once her kids, Henry (3.5) and James (1.5) are a little older! 

In one word, describe your home’s decor before you had kids: Minimal

In one word, describe your home’s decor AFTER you had kids: Minimal-ish

Do you have a dream investment piece that you’re holding off on buying until your kids are older (and let’s be honest, less likely to ruin): Honestly, no. We have many of our dream pieces in our home already, and we just embrace the inevitable accidents and surprise artwork that pops up on our wood table or linen sheets ! It's a balance because I don't want to compromise not having a home that reflects us, but I also realize that I need to manage my expectations with keeping anything looking perfect.

Is there one item in your house that you know you’ll replace once your kids are older and less messy? I'm sure it will all get an upgrade ;). Mostly I just think I'll be able to wear my dry-clean only clothing, and store ceramics on low shelves where I want to.

Best tip for kid proofing your house (while still making it feel like you live there too): Keep breakables up high. Pick a coffee table with round edges, invest in nice looking storage for all the toys.

Favorite DIY project in your home: My husband and I do a lot of projects around the house, we designed the kitchen, he did all the electrical work, and pretty much built our entire bathroom.. We also made a cute kids kitchen for Henry!

Kids wooden kitchen

Favorite spot in your home: The kitchen.

Favorite sustainable find: Our antique mid century credenza. 

Antique credenza

Favorite inexpensive item in your home: The mirror in our bathroom. I wanted something exactly like it, and found it for $12 at a thrift store.

Bathroom mirror with white bathroom sink

Random item in your home that your children are obsessed with: The stairs.

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