Why The Kitchen?

We often get asked why our products are geared towards children in the kitchen. The kitchen doesn’t necessarily seem like a natural place for young children. As parents we tend to immediately think of all the sharp cabinets, the stove (did I accidentally leave it on? Will they open the over door?) and endless ways they can get into mischief. We felt passionate that instead of making the kitchen an off-limits zone, we wanted to invite your little ones into the space. Our products help create safety parameters by making things more accessible so your little ones can be active participants in the world around them.

We want to encourage your children to learn about food, be apart of the conversation, fine tune their motor skills and feel like they are on your level and therefore apart of your world. 

In general, people are spending less time in the kitchen with the pace of our busy lives. Our aim is not only to ignite a passion for the kitchen in your little ones that is similar to ours (we cherish the times our family is all together in the kitchen), but to encourage deeper relationships in a (rare) technology- free space. 

Our Oslo Tower was built with your growing babe in mind with an adjustable platform that grows with your child. It provides them with just the right boost they need to help out (and a safety bar to ensure they don’t fall backwards). The learning tower has a slightly smaller footprint than standard learning towers to ensure it fits perfectly under an average counter height. It’s sturdy but lightweight, making it a breeze for your toddler to push it from room to room or around the kitchen (we also made sure to put felt-grade furniture tips underneath so your floors will thank us later)! 

Our Goldie Chair was thoughtfully designed with the idea that your child should have a special seat, something to call their own, that is just the right size for them. The Goldie Chair is designed without arms so your little one can easily climb up and down while the chair is pushed against the table. Arms can present an unexpected obstacle for little kids. They attempt to push back from a table to free themselves and risk tipping over backwards. We added the perfect size footrest for little feet that don’t quite touch the ground. 

We are always expanding our product line but for us, the heart of audwell is in the kitchen and dining room where we cherish spontaneous conversations, cooking together and being in the moment. It’s our belief that adding beautifully made children’s products to your home can actually help you be less stressed and be more present with your children.  

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